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In collaboration with the Mastercard Foundation University of Cambridge, the Cambridge University African Students Mentorship Programme (CAMP) is aimed at demystifying the University of Cambridge application process, nurturing informed decision-making, and inspiring the next generation of transformative leaders.


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Our vision is to create a bridge between potential and opportunity, ensuring that promising students, regardless of their geographical and socio-economic context, can access world-class education and become catalysts for change in their communities.

Ignite Your Future with MCF-CAMP: Becoming Part of a Thriving Scholarly Community


We at MCF-CAMP are thrilled at the prospect of welcoming you to our burgeoning community, and we are invested in ensuring your journey from application to enrollment is smooth, informed, and enriching. Through meticulous guidance, strategic support, and a genuine spirit of camaraderie, we aspire to facilitate your seamless transition into Cambridge, where your potential will be honed to forge an impact that resonates from the individual to the global sphere.

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Application Support

Global Reach and


Swift Feedback and Appraisal


Regions Across Africa

MCF-CAMP reaches out to promising scholars across the entire African continent, partitioning our efforts into six primary geographical regions ensuring that our mentorship is sensitive to the unique needs, challenges, and opportunities within each locale. The regions are meticulously selected, considering various factors, including cultural similarities, time zones, and linguistic commonalities, to provide tailored support and ensure the effectiveness of our interactions.


Qualified High Achieving Mentors

Our mentors are a group of 30 accomplished individuals who have navigated the intricate paths to secure their places at the University of Cambridge and are eager to share their insights, experiences, and strategies with the next wave of aspiring scholars.


Sessions and Digital Workshops

The journey to Cambridge is demystified through our 24 meticulously crafted sessions and digital workshops designed to shed light on every facet of the application process and prepare candidates holistically for their Cambridge journey.

The Proces

This structured six-stage process ensures that mentees are guided, supported, and engaged from their initial interaction with MCF-CAMP until they transition into future Cambridge applicants and, potentially, mentors. This meticulous process aims to render the pathway to Cambridge smooth, comprehensible, and holistically supportive for every aspiring scholar across Africa.


Awareness and Understanding


Sign-Up and Profile Creation


Regional Matching and Introduction


Engaging in Sessions and Workshops


Forum and Support


Feedback and Future Engagement

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